Atras Clinic

This clinic equipped with the most specialized equipment and the highest level of existing
standards, aiming for the identification, treatment, and rehabilitation of medical and sports injuries.
The specialized sections in a clinic include the diagnosis, medical treatment, and sports
rehabilitation departments.
Medical specialists in the fields of orthopedics, nutrition, sports and rehabilitation experienced
staff of medical, sports and nutrition consultants Assessment of body composition, stature and
skeletal disorders.
New specialized injections to rehabilitate joint injuries, ligaments and sports injuries, genetic
disorders with the latest methods based on stem cells.
Hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and sport.

Treatment target groups

All patients with acute or chronic knee pain, including knee osteoarthritis, partellar abrasion, knee sprains, injury to internal ligaments of the knee or injury to meniscus, deformities or malformations such as knock-knees or bowlegs in particular in the postoperative phase of knee replacement surgery and rupture of cruciate ligament and meniscus and repair of bow knee and cartilage damage

All patients with arthritis and ankle sprains and acute or chronic ankle and foot pain, inner ankle pain, heel spurs and foot disorders such as flat feet, especially in the post-surgery phase of Achilles and foot ligament tears and ankle and foot fractures

All patients with acute or chronic unilateral or bilateral pelvic pain caused by hip joint arthrosis, weakness of pelvic muscles, pelvic doors originating from back and sciatica, ruptures and injuries of the tendons of the groin muscles or hamstrings of the front and back muscles, especially in the post-surgery phase of fractures Hip and thigh and joint replacement

All patients with acute or chronic pain in the lumbar spine caused by lumbar discs or vertebral slippage or weakness of the back muscles, spinal alignment disorders such as lateral curvature and scoliosis, and in the post-surgery phase of all spine problems

All patients with acute or chronic neck and shoulder pain caused by cervical discs or weakness of neck and back muscles and disorders caused by bad posture such as forward head and rounded shoulders and also in the next phase of cervical disc surgery

All patients with acute or chronic pain in the shoulder and scapula caused by arthritis of the shoulder joint or shoulder impingement syndromes and ruptures of the tendons of the shoulder, arm and frozen shoulder, especially in the post-surgery phase of shoulder injuries.

All patients with elbow and wrist joint injuries, tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow and elbow, wrist and joint arthrosis
Small fingers, especially in the post-surgery phase of elbow, wrist and hand injuries

All patients with movement problems such as MS or caused by strokes and Parkinson’s, etc., to improve movement patterns and improve flexibility and muscle strength, patients with depression

All patients and health seekers to improve and control overweight, obesity and localized obesity, especially in the post-surgery phase.
Obesity and gastric bypass

All health seekers to improve aerobic capacity and body fitness and body beauty

Atras specialized clinic services

Diagnostic ultrasound:

The use of ultrasound in diagnosing and confirming soft tissue injuries, including tendon and ligament tears, checking the presence of inflammatory fluid in the joint, and checking and confirming soft tissue cysts.

Injections under ultrasound:

Due to the importance of precise injection in the soft tissue injury site, all injections in such injuries should be performed in the injury site and guided by ultrasound.

PRP injection

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is actually a type of cell therapy using the content of tissue growth factors in platelets and a new method in which a certain amount of whole blood is taken from the patient under completely sterile conditions and then centrifuged in the laboratory and in the sterile room. taken and the final product inside the desired joint space or tear
The tendon or muscle is injected. This method is completely safe and without complications, and in fact, it does not contain any additional medicinal substances.

Orthokine injection or orthokine therapy:

In this method, which is a type of cell therapy and a biological method, blood is taken from the patient and placed in an incubator for 24 hours and then centrifuged, and the final product can be kept in the freezer of a sterile laboratory for several months and injected at specified intervals in the desired location, for example, in knee arthrosis. 6 products of 2 cc that are injected twice a week

Evaluation and analysis of body composition with a special device:

Especially in overweight and obese people or in health seekers or athletes, it is necessary to know the amount and manner of distribution of fat and muscle tissue, water, minerals and protein in the body in order to design nutritional and sports interventions accordingly.

Assessment of height structure:

Due to the prevalence of structural and posture disorders in all age groups, it is necessary to use special tools for more accurate evaluation and control after therapeutic interventions while performing relevant clinical tests.

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