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Physiotherapists help injured, sick, or disabled individuals through movement, exercise, training and counseling. They help people of all ages manage physical pain and prevent further progression of disease or injury .

If you are struggling with pain such as: back disc, wrist or foot pain, braced or crossed knee, pelvic floor problems,etc.,you can visit Atras Clinic in Mashhad, which is one of the best physiotherapy clinics in Mashhad .

In the following we introduce you the best physiotherapists and physiotherapy in Mashhad.

فیزیوتراپی در مشهد

What are the distinguishing features of Atras physiotherapy ?

Physiotherapy at Atras sports medicine specialized clinic located at Bistoon 2 Street (Khayyam entersection – Dastghaib), Mashhad, which includes 14 treatment cabins in two completely separate spaces for women and men, equipped with the latest and most advanced physiotherapy devices such as ultrasound, stimulator, compression, tecker (RF), high-power laser, and more. In addition to the above sections, the physiotherapy clinic also has a therapeutic exercise room where health seekers can perform exercises in sync with their treatment if deemed appropriate by the physiotherapist. In the following, we will briefly describe the types of physiotherapy methods performed by Atras Clinic in Mashhad .

Clinic in Mashhad . The best physiotherapy specialists in Mashhad

The Atras collection has been able to have the best therapeutic methods and results for your sports and movement injuries by employing specialized physicians in this field.

Mr Mohammad Esmaeel Nejad

Physiotherapist for sports injuries

Mr Danial Ahmadi

Physiotherapist for sports injuries

Different departments of the best physiotherapy in Mashhad

Types of physiotherapy methods

Many people, even doctors and nurses, do not understand the importance of physiotherapy. Our experienced team will prescribe the best physiotherapy treatment to improve the quality of life for your loved ones. Let’s take a look at the types of treatments we offer and which one suits you best Physiotherapy has various techniques, each of which can help with a physical issues in the body For example, the electronic water treadmill physiotherapy device provides the best results for knee and leg physiotherapy to patients .

Other techniques that physiotherapists sometimes use and may help reduce pain and improve recovery include :

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Physiotherapy treatment

Etres clinic physiotherapy services and methods

These days, physiotherapy is one of the most effective non-surgical methods in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, neurological disorders, rheumatic diseases, heart and respiratory failures, sexual dysfunctions, problems with excretion and … Attention has been received.

One of the effective, widely used and non-invasive modalities in the treatment of physiotherapy is high-power laser, which plays an important role in the recovery of musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. Laser is a ray of light that increases the amount of energy available to cells for metabolism. And self-repair helps the healing process of damaged tissue.

The use of high power laser is effective in relieving pains that have not been improved by other treatment methods.

It should be noted that high-powered laser treatment has a cumulative effect; in other words, several treatment sessions must be performed so that the laser can leave its effect.

Tecar therapy is a new and advanced non-invasive treatment in physiotherapy, which is also known as RF.

The transfer of energy in Tekar therapy is done through electromagnetic currents that pass through the skin, subcutaneous fat, muscle cover, etc. and have the ability to penetrate the deepest parts of the body.

Tecar therapy is used to relieve pain and inflammation, absorb excess fluids accumulated in the body, treat broken bones, cellular metabolism problems, skeletal-muscular injuries, torn ligaments and tendons, etc.

CPM is an electrical device that is very effective for restoring movement to the joint. A joint that has suffered from dryness and limited movement, with CPM, it moves within the specified range and speed without the need for you to do muscle contraction.
After most of the surgeries, the joint that has undergone surgery becomes dry and limited in movement, and the use of CPM can have a significant effect in removing this dryness and restoring the movement of the joint.

Dry needling technique or dry needling is a therapeutic technique in physiotherapy, in which special and very thin needles (which are also used in acupuncture) are used to treat things like spasms and muscle spasms, increase local blood circulation, and destroy tissue. Scars caused by surgery and… are used.
Unlike acupuncture, which involves inserting a needle into one part of the body to affect other parts, dry needling is performed directly on the pain site.

Electroacupuncture or electrical acupuncture is one of the effective and practical methods of physiotherapy that is used to help reduce pain.
In this treatment method, the physiotherapist inserts the needles superficially into some parts of the body, then the electrodes of the electroacupuncture device are connected to these needles and transmit a controlled electric current to the desired tissue.
Electroacupuncture is used in most skeletal-muscular lesions, including chronic spine pain, sciatic nerve pain, migraine headaches and chronic headaches, joint arthritis, heel spurs, muscle cramps, etc.

Shock wave therapy is one of the physiotherapy treatment methods for improving and treating musculoskeletal patients, shoulder inflammation, heel spurs, as well as diseases such as tennis elbow, etc. Shockwave is a method in which high-powered mechanical waves reach the damaged tissue from the skin and increase the blood supply to the tissue and accelerate the healing process of the body tissues.

Manual therapy, whose other name is manual therapy, is the use of therapeutic techniques by the hands of the therapist (physiotherapist) on the patient’s body.

Normal therapy techniques include mobilization, manipulation, fascia release, stretching of shortened muscles, neuromobilization and (MET) techniques, etc. will be

By applying different manual therapy techniques on body joints, the physiotherapist helps to correct their dysfunction and accelerate the healing process.

In this treatment method, muscle stretching, soft tissue deep massage, applying point pressure and placing joints and soft tissues in their correct place are applied by the hands of the physiotherapist on the patient’s body.

Reducing pain, reducing dryness and stiffness of joints, improving range of motion of joints and restoring movement abilities are among the goals of this treatment method.

Routine electrotherapy includes several treatment methods, depending on the diagnosis of your physiotherapist, one or more of these methods may be used for you :

1- Ultrasound: This method is usually used for foot physiotherapy when a part of the body, such as the foot, needs to improve its function. In this technique, high-frequency sound waves are used to treat deep tissue damage, stimulate blood circulation and cellular activity with the aim of reducing pain and spasm, as well as speeding up healing.

As the name of this treatment method suggests, electric current is used in it. In this method, the electrodes of the device are placed on the skin and electrical stimulation is transmitted to the body through them.

The most common electric current used is TENS; this current reduces local pain by blocking the path of pain receptors to the brain and stimulating the release of endorphins (the body’s natural pain reliever).

2- Electric stimulation: other types of electric currents are used to improve blood circulation, strengthen muscles, repair damaged tissues, strengthen and grow bones, improve joint mobility, eliminate muscle spasms, improve nerve function, etc.

3- Use of infrared rays: by irradiating this ray to the patient’s body, blood circulation increases and as a result, it reduces pain, reduces spasms, improves flexibility, etc.

The price of physiotherapy in Mashhad

The price of physiotherapy varies depending on the technique and services provided. The use of physiotherapy equipment during treatment may incur different costs. Just like knee physiotherapy differs from facial physiotherapy in terms of time and cost. If our trusted physicians refer you to a clinic outside of yours, or if you visit theAtras clinic by your own physicians, the fees will be different. If you have medical insurance, you can contact us and ask about your insurance coverage. To contact the Ateres clinic, please call 051-37557 .

List of the best physiotherapy centers in Mashhad

Below is a list of the best physiotherapy centers in Mashhad based on regional classification:

Physiotherapy of Mashhad region 1; Ferdowsi, kolahdooz, Ahmadabad, Sajjad, Abkooh, Sanabad

  • -Atras physiotherapy located at the intersection of Khayam and Bistoon 2 streets
  • -Erfani physiotherapy, Soroush, Dastan-e-Hoshmand,Orkide, Sana located on Ferdowsi Boulevard
  • -Novian physiotherapy,Edalatian, Sajjad Tavan located on Sajjad Boulevard
  • -Tavanmehr physiotherapy, Rozmehr, Shargh Iran, Behtavan clinic, Ehsan located on Sanabad Street
  • -Tabassom physiotherapy,Negarestan, Nik, Nikad, Shakhes, Arghavan, Abnoos, Neshat located on Ahmadabad Boulevard

Physiotherapy on Vakilabad Boulevard Mashhad

  • -Top physiotherapy, Nadi, Raja, Mazrae Sabz,Bagar

Physiotherapy located on Mashhad district 9; Pirouzi and Saremi

  • -Ayteh physiotherapy, Zakaria, Parsa, Tandis Salamat, Mehragan, Baran,Zebardast, Para, Derakhshan, Eram, Arian, Parsian and Pirouzi located on Pirouzi and Fakouri Boulevard
  • -Aramesh physiotherapy, Dei,Karimi, Aylan, Arta, Negin located on Saremi and Koosar and Hashemiye

Physiotherapy of Mashhad district 10; Moallem, Farhang, Mehran and Amoozgar

  • -Alavi physiotherapy, Arman, Arad, and Orkide located at the intersection of Milad
  • -Aseman physiotherapy, Tavanbakhsh located at the beginning of Emamat and Jalal Al-Ahmad
  • -Behravesh physiotherapy, Modern, Nik Asa, Khabaz,Mehregan located on Moallem and Daneshju Street
  • -Tivan and Mehrad physiotherapy located on Farhangestan and Dandanpezeshkan Street

Physiotherapy of Mashhad district 11; Qasemabad, Shariati, Shahed,Falahi

  • -Zaferanieh physiotherapy, Salamat, Aban,Sadr located on Shahed Boulevard
  • -Valiasr physiotherapy (Imamieh Boulevard) Part (Hijab Boulevard) Raziye and Darman (Andisheh Boulevard)
  • -Shadgan physiotherapy, Atieh located on Fallahi Blvd

Physiotherapy in district 12;Mohammadiye,Elahiye,Aghdasiye,Majidiye

  • -Mandegar physiotherapy,Royesh,Behdarman .

To book an appointment for the doctors of the above physiotherapy groups, you can make an appointment from sites such as Nobdat.Er or 24-hour reception.

Mashhad physiotherapy
Mashhad physiotherapy

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